How to Visualize Value

Zero-to-one in Impactful Design

Learn to distill and present your ideas so people pay attention.

Leverage design to communicate more effectively, not just make things look nice.

How to Visualize Value

The zero to one guide for simple, impactful design.

What is it?

The playbook to creating meaningful visual communication, teaching you how to make your point in a concise, creative and compelling way.

These are the principles that built the Visualize Value brand from an idea to a platform with 100,000 followers in 12 months.

These are the principles behind the design consulting services we provide to Fortune 100 companies.

This 30 lesson workshop starts by teaching you the fundamental concepts, and ends in giving you the tools to execute.

Who is it for?

Suitable to take you from zero to one in design, or learn how to better articulate value as an already accomplished designer.

The Structure:

+ Why Visual Design?
+ How to Visualize Value
+ The Elements of Visual Design
+ The Tools to Visualize Value
+ Publishing Mindset & Tactics
+ Figma Templates
+ 3 Hours of "Office Hours" Bonus Content

What it'll teach you:

+ How to communicate more clearly
+ How to use restraint to create consistently
+ How to build a content brand
+ How to increase your perceived value
+ How to use design to sell your product or service

No additional software required, all taught using free tools.

Executive Summary


Massive leverage

The wisest men I’ve known will tell you this: master the fundamentals and you’ll get massive leverage.

Jack’s How to Visualize Value does just that. You’ll learn the tricks you need in order to get going and experiment with the fundamentals of visual graphic design.

Why does it work? Is it truly more clear? How can I do this if I don’t have x?

All of that, plus more, you’ll find it here.

I’m a teacher and my students praised a deck I created for class. With these principles, they got clear on something I had been talking and presenting about for a whole month. All with visuals.

Stop thinking about it. Start leveraging.


verified buyer


Ridiculously good

Let's start with the fact I'm not a designer yet appreciate design. I kept seeing Jack's posts on Twitter and wanted to explore further.

It took me a while and then I was hooked. I love the idea of creating images that represent concepts. I've taken my time going through the course. It's like a gift the keeps on giving.

Not a tech bunny by any stretch - more chalk and slate - though have learnt, and am learning so much. I'm excited about using it for my business and writing.

It's the foundation of how I want to deliver me and my work in future. Thanks, Jack.

Martin Feaver

verified buyer



There are a lot of ways to learn design. But now that it's been over three months since I bought and took Visualize Value, there's one thing that really stands out about this course:

it's an incredible amount of value per minute spent learning.

Yes, the other reviews are correct: it's a fantastic course.

But what truly puts it over the top is the fact that it's a reasonable investment in both money and your *time*. Jack doesn't confuse the length of his course with the value of his course, which I couldn't be more appreciative of.


verified buyer

How to Visualize Value

Zero-to-one in Impactful Design

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Build Once, Sell Twice

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I'm Jack Butcher. (Say hello on Twitter)

I spent 10 years working in Fortune 100 advertising in NYC as a creative director for multi-billion dollar brands.

Fun, but the opposite of freedom.
So, in search of freedom, I started my own advertising agency. No fun, and even less freedom.

After two years of iteration, I figured out how to transition to highly-specialized (and fun) consulting, and a product business that scales infinitely.

The insight behind this transition?
Productizing myself.

Visualize Value is the product of that transition, a project I've used to build a network of mentors, a $1M/year product business, and a media platform with an audience of over 500,000 people.

If you'd have told me this story 18 months ago, I wouldn't have believed you. Now I spend all of my time making things that make it easier to learn, teach, build, and sell.
Before building things for people like you and me, I was building things for people like this:


Build Once,
Sell Twice

The Productization Playbook

Learn to build scalable assets and stop selling your time.

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How to
Visualize Value

Design Fundamentals

Learn to turn your ideas into concise, compelling visuals.

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The Value Creator Onramp

Learn to create opportunity where others aren't looking.

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