Permissionless Apprentice

The Value Creator Onramp

Stop waiting for opportunity, start engineering it.

See opportunities where others don’t, build proof of work, and study real examples of this strategy in action.

Permissionless Apprentice

Stop waiting for opportunity, start engineering it.

Unsure where to start?

Want to figure out how to engineer opportunity on the internet?

Want to build a body of work that makes working with you an easy decision?


  • Guest modules & case studies from people who have successfully leveraged this strategy to connect with people they admire, land paying positions, and raise venture capital.
  • Exercises for determining permissionless experiments to run, and how to measure their success.
  • The mental frameworks you can develop to consistently spot new opportunity and produce things that make your work more valuable with time.

The Permissionless Apprenticeship.


I started a project before finishing the course

I measure the worth of training by one primary metric: how much it changes my behaviour.

The Permissionless Apprenticeship is incredible--before I even finished all of the materials it had opened up a possibility to me that is so appealing that I had to pause on the course and begin right away! To me, that's training that is actually changing my behaviour.

In terms of time investment and financial investment, the ratio of value to investment for this product is outstanding. I also like that so much of the material is written, in really short, pithy statements.

Thank you to Jack and the team for this. If all you need are 1000 "true fans" and you keep producing content of this quality, then, first, you're already way over your requirement, and secondly, you'll definitely have another true fan here. Thank you again, and looking forward to your future content.


verified buyer


Make something from nothing

Excellent content, efficiently consumable; returns you to the real world to start implementing what you've learned.

When you think you've got a business to build, or value to offer a market the question becomes 'where does customer #1 come from?'. The Permissionless Apprentice says anyone YOU think will benefit from what you do.

Find a way to apply what you do for whom you perceive to be your customer, give undeniable proof of your value, and you will get what you're looking for.

Brilliant course, this is a new, tasteful kind of cold calling for the Internet. Give value, earn trust, build your business.

Thank you VV & Team!

Kyle C

Verified buyer


Understand the new rules of the game

This was a fantastic investment of both time and resources. The course provides an excellent balance between current theory on our working reality and direct action steps to take immediately. You will finish this course with a clear vision of the very next item on your list to move you closer to your ultimate goals.

I appreciate all the Visualize Value team poured into this resource. I’m looking forward to reviewing my notes and taking a second read through the content. I’m sure there is more to unpack. I continue to receive far greater value from my experiences with Visualize Value than the cost required, this course is no exception.

I highly recommend this course and joining this community. I do not believe you will regret either decision!

Thank you Jack, Celia & Brandon.

Trevor T

Verified buyer

Permissionless Apprentice

The Value Creator Onramp

$ 49.00 USD


I'm Jack Butcher. (Say hello on Twitter)

I spent 10 years working in Fortune 100 advertising in NYC as a creative director for multi-billion dollar brands.

Fun, but the opposite of freedom.
So, in search of freedom, I started my own advertising agency. No fun, and even less freedom.

After two years of iteration, I figured out how to transition to highly-specialized (and fun) consulting, and a product business that scales infinitely.

The insight behind this transition?
Productizing myself.

Visualize Value is the product of that transition, a project I've used to build a network of mentors, a $1M/year product business, and a media platform with an audience of over 500,000 people.

If you'd have told me this story 18 months ago, I wouldn't have believed you. Now I spend all of my time making things that make it easier to learn, teach, build, and sell.
Before building things for people like you and me, I was building things for people like this:


Build Once,
Sell Twice

The Productization Playbook

Learn to build scalable assets and stop selling your time.

$297 USD


How to
Visualize Value

Design Fundamentals

Learn to turn your ideas into concise, compelling visuals.

$297 USD



The Value Creator Onramp

Learn to create opportunity where others aren't looking.

$49 USD