Build Once, Sell Twice

The Productization Playbook

Package your expertise into digital products that work without you.

A digital curriculum that helps you identify your specific knowledge, take it to market, and divorce your time from your income.

Build Once, Sell Twice

A play-by-play guide to divorcing your time and money.

I spent 10 years developing a skillset working in corporate advertising for Fortune 500 clients. I took those skills and built an agency business of my own, and after 2 decent years, I was so tired and frustrated at the inability to scale without selling more hours, taking on more work, or hiring more people, that I knew there must be a better way.

This is that better way.

This is a 40 lesson, self-paced workshop, taught by Jack Butcher, Founder and CEO of Visualize Value. This training breaks down the strategy and tactics used to scale the Visualize Value brand to $1,000,000/year of digital product sales, over the course of 18 months. This material will walk you through the process of productizing specialized knowledge in service of scaling your income, it is not a magic bullet and requires execution on your part. This training is comprised of a series of videos, articles and example exercises, designed to balance theory and practice, strip away the fluff, and get you to take confident action.

Who is this for?

+ You have specialized knowledge
+ You generate results for your clients/customers
+ You are comfortable promoting yourself
+ You understand that results take time and effort

The Material
+ How to productize a service business
+ How to structure a digital training product
+ How to build a product-centric content strategy
+ How to leverage social platforms to scale
+ How to collect social proof
+ Developing a personal brand strategy

Executive Summary

Student Stories
Aaron Aalto
Jamie Russo
Robbie Crabtree
Dickie Bush
Kasia Manolas


1,000x your mind

Spent months debating whether to make the jump and purchase. I have followed VV for awhile and thought the free content was enough, “What else could there be to say?’’

Turns out, a TON! The best purchase I made in 2020. B1S2 makes it as simple as possible to step into a better life, the work is up to you, but with VV in your corner, you are bound to be successful.

Thanks Jack.

Tommy Lower




I’m an oncologist who has over the years created pen and paper illustrated explanations for my patients. Thanks to Jack’s course, I’m now 2 months in to scaling my efforts by creating digital explanations and publishing them on the internet. Over 1000 views and 65 subscribers in that short time, exceeding my expectations.

The course both lights the path for first time creator/entrepreneurs and also provides the perspective needed to sustain effort and get results. I would recommend it to anyone who craves the feeling of waking up and seeing that you’ve helped others while you were sleeping.


verified buyer



Wow. What an incredible product. This training has opened my eyes up to game changing possibilities that I never knew existed.

I now have the knowledge, skills, and frameworks needed to feel confident in starting my own side hustle. But it doesn’t end there, Jack teaches you how to take it infinite steps further to fully leverage your capabilities and work to produce additional revenue streams to maximize your own unique individual talent and skills to the max. This course is just what I needed to feel confident going forward with my own endeavors. 100% would recommend!



Build Once, Sell Twice

The Productization Playbook

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How to Visualize Value

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I'm Jack Butcher. (Say hello on Twitter)

I spent 10 years working in Fortune 100 advertising in NYC as a creative director for multi-billion dollar brands.

Fun, but the opposite of freedom.
So, in search of freedom, I started my own advertising agency. No fun, and even less freedom.

After two years of iteration, I figured out how to transition to highly-specialized (and fun) consulting, and a product business that scales infinitely.

The insight behind this transition?
Productizing myself.

Visualize Value is the product of that transition, a project I've used to build a network of mentors, a $1M/year product business, and a media platform with an audience of over 500,000 people.

If you'd have told me this story 18 months ago, I wouldn't have believed you. Now I spend all of my time making things that make it easier to learn, teach, build, and sell.
Before building things for people like you and me, I was building things for people like this:


Build Once,
Sell Twice

The Productization Playbook

Learn to build scalable assets and stop selling your time.

$297 USD


How to
Visualize Value

Design Fundamentals

Learn to turn your ideas into concise, compelling visuals.

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The Value Creator Onramp

Learn to create opportunity where others aren't looking.

$49 USD